“Be still…”

by Mardi3

I started writing “Voice” because I did not see or hear any voices that reflected mine. Unfortunately, when I read a blog or absorbed Christian media, I did not read or view experiences that reflect my understanding. While I do not expect everyone to believe as I believe- everyone has a choice- it has been hard to not question things that are contrary to what I read in the Bible. So I figured that putting some of my experiences on “paper” would have some tangible benefits. Yet, once I thought about what to write weekly I recognized that my experiences are just life. For example, I have been saddened by senseless violence in my community that for a time was mirrored within my school. But really, what compassionate person would not have similar feelings? Additionally, in the past few months I have been worried about things that eventually worked out for the best. Again, that is just life. Finally, I have been excited, enraptured, and emboldened as well as sappy, selfish, and selfless. For better or worse, that is life.

Is it just vanity to think that my experiences must be shared? Is what started out with decent intentions just an anonymous way of faith-facebooking? That is what I have been puzzling out over the past two months. This afternoon at church, the lesson was about prayer. This made me think about modern traditions of praying to be seen of men. In this case, perhaps voicing my faith perspective falls in the same category.

Maybe, I will add entries to “Word” when I feel compelled to do so. (That does not reflect my words so much. Well, actually, that is not true. I was talking to a friend about how the editors of a concordance are selective in what they deem as relevant. The same is true of a Bible blog.) Or maybe one day, using a pseudonym I will write realistic fiction books that feature someone who recognizes the eternal significance of the Feast of Tabernacles or lives with the hope of seeing New Jerusalem. Or maybe, I will just focus on the big, beautiful picture rather than the tiny, seemingly disparate pieces of life. For now, while I figure out what is next, I will just be still and know…




Peace and blessings.


Passage to Ponder:

Psalm 46:10

“Be still, and know that I am God…”