Jesus wept.

by Mardi3

“Makes me wanna holler.”That is a Marvin Gaye song, a Nathan McCall book, and in real terms- how I feel after the past week.

First, I assessed fifteen sixth-grade students who read three to five grade levels below grade level. It feels criminal that there has not been a concerted effort to teach kids to read rather than focus on teaching them to pass a test that has less impact on their ability to navigate successfully through life. Yesterday’s Bible class was about the importance of reading the Bible. How can people make an informed decision about their eternal life if they can not read? Makes me wanna holler…


Second, this morning I read in the headlines about people being forced to watch crucifixions, soldiers being excecuted en masse, and the ravages of ebola. Yes, I know how the story will end but even Jesus wept. It is far away but it makes me wanna holler…


Finally,  folks closer to home are “dealing” with lost childhoods, babies born too soon are struggling to survive, and more than a few of my students are impacted by murderous violence and legions of evil spirits in the home. It is so easy to get stuck on the why and to just wanna holler…


From Job we see that God removed his hedge aound Job. Satan was allowed to test Job but not take his life. We also saw Jesus in despair and calling out to Abba for relief. So I can weep and holler sometimes if I wanna. I just need to remember to pray and act when I can. Sometimes I can see the good in bad situations -but not always. That is when I have to remeber that God is big enough to handle all of it and that he sees the whole picture.





Passage to Ponder:

John 11:35 Jesus wept.