Bear ye one another’s burdens…

by Mardi3

Her forefinger had been severed. I spent time with my grandmother at least monthly and more frequently during holidays and school summers until I was in college. Yet, I never knew what happened to her finger. Southern politeness, youthful ignorance, and teenage aloofness made the asking of questions out of the question.

One of the books that I am currently reading: Young, Gifted, and Black details that Black people who were caught in the act of reading might lose the digit on their hand. My grandmother was born in the early 1900’s so the timing was a bit off. Yet, it struck me that I do not know her story. Last night, I texted my Mom to ask about my grandmother’s missing finger. Amazingly, she did not know. Mom took care of her stepmother, who struggled with diabetes during her last year of life.

Yesterday, one of my errands was to go to the bookstore in search of an animal encyclopedia that would hook one of my students. As I approached the bookstore door, about to pass the tables full of discounted books, the security guard started talking to me about the kinds of books that she likes. I learned about her collection of cookbooks and chef figurines from her travels. I also learned that she might start cooking again and invite her grandchildren for a meal. I learned that she misses southern style food and watches cooking channels, but no longer cooks. Then the woman apologized for talking to me. I shared that talking is else something that we no longer do and that I rarely stop someone who has something to share.

The woman at the bookstore and I did not get into a religious conversation and I did not invite her to my church. However, maybe she got what she needed: to share some of herself or to give her hopes a voice.





Passage to Ponder:

Galatians 6:2

Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.