…I will be thy mouth…

by Mardi3

He stood in front of 6,500 people and eloquently told his story. It was polished, witty, and darn amazing. At the end of his speech at the Houston Convention Center, we all stood and applauded wildly. Proud of the young sixth-grade student who used his words to inspire an auditorium brimming with educators, we were excited to be a part of the mission that created such fantastic opportunities for students.

Today two things were running through my mind as I read about two men who did not consider themselves to be masterful speakers. First, neither Moses nor Paul felt that they had anything to say personally. However, the messages that each relayed from the Holy Spirit changed the world. Second, the young man who spoke was authentic. He spoke about his trials and his accomplishments. He spoke of his sacrifices and of his hopes. When one is sharing their life in more than twenty minutes, it takes a bit of finesse to balance the good and the bad without murmuring?

It was wonderful to hear a youth tell his story without fear. Hopefully, as his story grows he will continue to have faith that he has something worth saying and we will listen. It is a simple truth: someone somewhere is helped when we share our stories.



Passage to Ponder:

Genesis 4:12

Now therefore go, and I will be thy mouth, and teach thee what thy shalt say.