by Mardi3

He is often a better person than I am.  Please know that I do not have it twisted. He is human and I do not imagine him to be otherwise.


A friend sent an email of thanks to 58 people who have offered kind words, support, or contacts during several life transitions in the past year. I had just commended my husband for the many kindnesses that he extended during the past week while we were at a work conference in Houston: he went out of his way to love the “unlovable”, he encouraged a busload of frustrated teachers to see the bright side of our cross-country trip that extended from eight hours to sixteen, and he held me as a weeped because of my health.

In the words of Jill Scott, “he incites me to co-rise”. So when I complain about the frigid temperature on the bus, he challenges me to take action. When I am sad  because of a turn in my health, he praises God for taking care of us. When I