Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving…

by Mardi3

Thirteen years ago there was a song that played on a loop at the local Black radio station in Atlanta. (I really wish that I could recall the name of the song because I would love to hear it again.) Basically, the song featured an older woman who caught the bus to work but prayed daily: thank you Father for my new car. Without fail each day at 6:40- I was in tears a few miles from my school. I knew after the first hearing how the story would end but I was captured each time by the beautiful simplicity of her message.

I had my own prayer of thanksgiving at the time. So maybe that is why it touched me so deeply. Our prayers were ones of faith, trust, and belief that our Father knows what we need and will provide.Yesterday as I read my daily email from Biblegateway, I was reminded of this simple truth.

I may have good intentions when I add to my prayer box people who are experiencing sorrow and struggles. Yet, upon reflection it is an easy thing to pray that they be delivered and those prayers can easily become a “grocery list”. I know I can easily begin each conversation with thanks but before wrapping up put in a plug for what I or others want. Perhaps, it would be more thoughtful to simply thank the Lord for providing strength, faith, or hope- full stop.  



Passage to Ponder: 

Psalm 95:2

Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.