He has the last word

by Mardi3

Ten days ago I had an event in which we provided refreshments. Afterward I packed up the items and threw the trash in the chute. Unfortunately, a couple of hours later I could not find my glasses. I looked in the event room and in the remaining grocery bags to no avail and concluded that I must have thrown the glasses in the trash in my exhaustion. 

These two years old transitions lenses were my daily glasses even though I had a basic spare. I am overdue for an eye exam. I fretted for a bit and beat myself up for inattentiveness but then just started wearing the other pair. I figured this would prompt me to go ahead and make that overdue appointment with the eye doctor.  I let go of my little loss. 

This morning as I was preparing for church, my transitions lensed glasses peaked at me from the floor of my closet. My first thought was thanksgiving to the Lord for providing when I thought that all was lost. Truly, I know that lost glasses are not a significant issue but I got the lesson in this: things that I know may not actually be fact because He has the last word.