He had rested from all his works…

by Mardi3

I began a new teaching position two Thursdays ago. I am excited about the school’s mission and can not wait for the students to come. There is a positive, revolutionary energy in my new school.

Nearly twenty years ago, I taught my first class in an excellent school system. Our work day was from 7:15 to 2:45. However, I frequently worked much longer than eight hours per day and it was common for me to work in my classroom during the weekend. Those extra hours were time that I chose to add creativity and to personalize activities.

Times have changed. Now it is typical to have student contact for ten hours per day and then have expectations made for your time outside of those hours. School emails after seven in the evening and at weird wee hours hours on the weekend are common.

As much as I look forward to working to provide awesome opportunities for students from under-served communities, I also look forward to and relish time to rest. From Friday at sundown through Saturday at sundown, my family presses pause. (I am usually “sawing logs” shortly after sundown on Friday.

Over the last eleven years, my body has come to anticipate the time to stop doing. The lesson planning, paper grading, and household managing are all halted. My body has come to anticipate the time to start being. Sleeping, reading, and gathering for church are cherished and renewing delights for the sabbath. Having this predictable time is an awesome blessing.

Some people question the relevance of remembering the sabbath. (Jesus speaks of it being sacred, Matthew 24:15-20 and it is a identified as a sign, Ezekiel 20;19-20.)

I do not see how I would thrive without it.