For he shall give his angels charge over thee…

by Mardi3

Racing down I-24 at least sixty miles per hour, floating past semis and little old ladies-there was not a clue of the possible disaster. Rushing to get to the airport, yet enjoying the wind in my hair and the sun on my face, I cruised in our 1970’s tank of a car. As I pulled into a parking space at the airport-arrivals lane, the steering column immediately gave way and I had no control of the car’s direction. I had just barreled down the interstate for more than nine miles with a loosened bolt! (The vehicle had been released from the auto mechanic the day before and the bolt was not tightened properly or was faulty.)

If this had occurred five minutes earlier when I was obliviously reliving my safe excursion on the Autobahn, it could have been an ugly scene. When the AAA wrecker technician and my husband investigated under the hood, this terrifying realization hit home. Praise God, no one was hurt!

For some reason, the recollection of this two-year old experience hijacked me last week while traveling on the highway. Now I know that some people speak of happily seeing angels. (However the accounts that I have read in the Bible reference a fear-inspiring being that when seen caused people to fall on their faces.I can not imagine what I would do if I saw something with four faces and four wings.) I also know that some people believe in luck or coincidence. Yet, I believe that this was an instance of divine protection. There is just no reason that the bolt did not snap while I was twisting and turning on the interstate.

It is worth remembering that even when we feel that we have no control, there is One that is omnipotent and omniscient. This is true, even when things are not as dire as a potential bowling ball of a car hurtling down the lane. There are times when people say or do the right thing at just the right time. There are times when an unexpected mercy comes out of no where just in the nick of time. There are times when we see someone rising above a situation that leads us to persevere. And there are times when truly yucky things could happen but they do not; whether we know about it after the fact (like Balaam and the angel of death) or if we never know that we were saved from unknown disaster.



Pentecost blessings,


Passage to Ponder:

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.