Be still and know that I am God.

by Mardi3

This weekend I was blessed with a simply beautiful reminder of faith and how to live the best life. A new friend gave me a video: Back to Eden and I was entranced by the lush beauty of the huge cabbage, plump two-foot-long carrots, and water-filled fruits. Yes! I love to play in the dirt so this was right up my alley. However, there was a different point of the video and it hit me in a big way.

After a lifetime of going through the traditional man-wise way of planting a garden, Paul Gautschi was able to grow an abundance of nutritionally-sound produce- simply. But how? Weary of the never-ending toil, he got still and asked for help. After he asked and was mindful enough to listen, Paul’s faith led him to a discovery that miraculously brought the “dead to life”. Amazingly, his dry plot began to yield crops like Caleb and Joshua saw. Also, people who were weary and burdened were rejuvenated by a generous experience in Paul’s garden. His ministry developed into sharing a basic principle: making it a priority to ask God for HIS thoughts on a matter and then listen for the answer. When you see the transformations, you can not help but see God’s hand.

Now I know this is nothing new. There are countless Bible narratives of people seeking the Lord’s counsel about battles, justice, health matters, and eternal life. Yet, while we are so darn busy “living” our present lives, we stop paying attention to His awesomeness and the marvelous lessons that He has for us to discover.  Worst yet, we often short-sightedly forget to ask the opinion of the One who made it all.

Check out the video! It is so wonderful when we are blessed with reminders of what our hearts know: ask, then be still and listen.



Passage to Ponder:

Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I an God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.