by Mardi3

My husband is a tall, articulate, beautiful, Black man: at times he reminds me of pictures that I have seen of Malcolm X giving a speech.  On Friday afternoon he arrived home an hour later than is typical. Upon arrival, he explained that he fit some profile so he was pulled over by the police.




He was wearing a shirt and tie. He was not driving a flashy car; our cars are decades old and possess neither bling nor a booming stereo. He watched Speed Racer as a child but tends to follow driving rules as evidenced by having one ticket prior to this in the last ten years.


I do not really know what it is like to be a Black man in this society but I am learning vicariously that it can suck big time. The officer advised that he should contest the ticket. WHAT?! Why waste the time for the unwarranted ticket or the time off work to contest it. (Interestingly, a couple of months ago, I was at the local police station for job-related fingerprinting. The officer was incredulous that I had been in town seven months with no stops by the police.) Guess my husband is a local now.

Bigger picture: I do not like it but I do know that it could have easily been a lot worse experience.Yes, I have reframed it in my mind to think about being profiled into New Jerusalem after my dirt nap and that is marvelous, but I still do not like the current implications of what occurred.