Purging the sneaky bits of leaven

by Mardi3

2013 Prayer Box

For the past eleven years, this has been one of my favorite times of the year: Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. I see His hand in the new year with all its blossoming and newness. I have cried at the boundless beauty of my hundred brothers, young and old, gathering and praying blessings over us. Seeing what this time of year must have been like in the Bible with everyone “coming home” is more joyous than I can describe.


More importantly, it is time to hide myself under the blood of Jesus. Despite my glaring flaws and blemishes, I can put my faith in Him by copying Him. Just like that two-year-old who watches your every move and soaks in your every word. What a model!


Outward actions? For the past few weeks in our house purchase of bread products has ceased. We have been consuming all variations of our yeasty products. Yesterday before leaving for Passover service, I cleaned the toaster and swept away those sneaky bits of leaven that were lurking in the broiler. Also, I have even decided that it is time for my second prayer box. (Inspired by Mary Quinlan’s book God Box. Warning: tears may flow. I just watched this clip but maybe it’s just me.) As a generational worrier, it helps to write it down and let it go. Though I sometimes figuratively pull my concern out again, the box helps me to get the visual: have faith- He’s got it!


Meanwhile, what was going on on the inside? Of course, I was examining my heart: Would I really help her if I saw her in need on Poplar Avenue? Do I recognize that He brought us through the unimaginable challenges that the instigators meant for harm but have turned out pretty darn awesomely? Do I forgive him even though I do not really understand? All righty, checklist accomplished. Praise God. Let’s move on.


However, my husband and I have been having a conversation about making things right with others. He asked me if I had called my sister. Yep, HE went there. God was pointing out those sneaky bits lurking in my heart. I defensively stuttered a reply. Yet, convicted, I sent her a message. Forgiveness and rationalization have been there but maybe it is time for renewal. We’ll see…


During this week of reflection and feasting I have a few things on my to-do list. 1) Inspired by a couple that brought batches for others, I plan to try an easy recipe for unleavened bread. 2) I will purchase a prayer box for 2014. Last spring, I got a simple box from Michaels and put my favorite verses on it. It was an excellent receptacle for all the praises and prayers of the past year. We will see what I am drawn to this time. 3) I plan to study the words “holy” and “faith”. I’ve been thinking: What does it mean to keep a day holy? Why-when I know that He’s got me- does my faith waiver and I plummet into the water like Peter? So I have voiced what has got me excited, as well as, my goals for the week- let’s see how things actually unfold.