Out of the mouths of babes

by Mardi3

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We walked four blocks to a restaurant to celebrate new beginnings. It was the start of the weekend and the first gloriously springy Friday of the season. Tourists were out in force, smiling, laughing, talking, eating, and playing Frisbee along the trolley route. We made it to our reservation and chatted about our blessings. On the way home, I was as always drawn to the banks of the Mississippi River – now flanked by blooming trees and flowers. Oh, the joys of downtown living…


As we walked we ran into a couple, the distinctive 6’10’’ guy works at a community center patronized by the school that propelled us to this new city. His wife shared that they were on their way to a dog-adoption party. While talking with the couple, a wee boy, perhaps three-years-old bounded across the city street wearing a tiny Superman t-shirt somehow still tethered by his father’s hand. They too, were going to the dog-adoption party. Greetings and adult introductions were made and I shook the boy’s hand to introduce myself. This little bundle of energy, without hesitation proclaimed that he was Spiderman. His father remarked, “Yes, this is Spiderman disguised as Superman.”


Can you imagine that power? Spiderman disguised as Superman! That brief exchange got me thinking about voice. There was a time when I was like that little Spiderman: powerful, confident, and positive. (I know this is true because I have seen the pictures.) Yet, childhood hurts and adult pains have at times caused my voice to be tamped to a whisper. Negatives from others: “Oh, you will never make it as a teacher, you are too quiet”, the unexpected gross words of a family member in a moment of childhood abuse, or even the workplace-bully’s utterances as she attempted to gut me for using my voice in defense of others joined forces with the lies that I held in my own head. Well, little Spiderman is reminder enough that one person’s positivity can move mountains. Praise God for using his simple words to mend my broken heart. So over the next fifty-two weeks my goal is to regain my voice and recharge my power. Feel free to share in conversation.